Information on Attending Masses and other Church Services during the Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic:
Over the past weeks there has been an increase in the infection rate of the Covid 19 Coronavirus in many parts of the country. It is absolutely vital that we continue to observe the rules and guidelines that we have been given by our health authorities to ensure the safety of all. 
Because of this may we remind you about some of the restrictions regarding attending Church Services. 
People are released from their normal obligation to attend Sunday Mass. People can access Mass from the speakers outside both Churches or via Livestream in Ederney.
There are 65 places available in St Joseph’s, Ederney and 18 places in St Patrick’s, Montiagh. One place can cater for one person or for two people provided they live in the same household. One family can occupy one seat, provided that all live in the same household. 
People can book a place for Sunday Masses by calling the parish office between 11.30am & 1.00pm on 028 68629062 on Saturdays. We strongly urge people to do this as it makes things much easier for the Ushers on Sunday mornings. 
When in the Church please follow the directions of the Ushers who will show you to the place allocated for you.  Please enter the Church through the front doors and at the end leave by the side doors.  
Please, observe at all times social distancing of 2 metres apart and please wear some form of face covering.
If you use a missalette, please make sure that you do not leave it in the Church.
In order to reduce movement in the Church Holy Communion will be given at the end of Mass. Once you have received Holy Communion please leave immediately. 
We ask that there be no congregating in the Church car parks before or after Masses. 
Listening to Mass outdoors.
Outdoor sound systems will be operating at both Churches so that people outside the Church can join in. If the weather is bad people here can stay in their cars during mass. It is hoped that Holy Communion will be available to those outside. It is important that anyone at mass outside the Church socially distance in the same way as people inside the Church, that is two metres apart.  
We thank all for your co-operation and hope that all keep safe and well.  
A basket will be left on a table in the church where people can leave their contributions. Alternatively, people can leave their contributions through the letterbox on the door of the Parish Centre as they have been doing over the past number of weekends but not while mass is on. Points of collection will be supervised at all times.  
Standing Order Forms: Alternatively, you can arrange a Standing Order with your Bank or using your bank's online facitilities to transfer money from your account in the Culmaine Parish Church Covenant Account. 
Copies of this form are available here.

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