"They are not gone from us, but gone before us..."

November is a time for remembering and praying for our loved ones who have gone before us. It is a time when we are particularly conscious of those in our parish who are grieving and all those families who have lost loved ones in the past year. 
We usually mark this time of year in our parish with events like the celebration of remembrance services as well as commemorating All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day. ​​​​​​​
Culmaine Remembrance Prayer Service: 
Friday 13th November @ 7.30pm. This year the service took place under Covid 19 Restrictions. Because we wanted to be able to accommodate all bereaved families, we are asked that all families nominate two representatives to attend the service in the Church. The Service was available via Live-streaming from St Joseph's and can be viewed again below;​​​​​​​
  With this year being a little different in how we mark many of our occasions, we are using this page on our website as a kind of Digital Remembrance area during the month of November. 
  People can post their list of names of loved ones whom they wish to remember in the designated boxes in the two Churches or alternatively you can email your list to Fr McManus on culmaine@gmail.com
  If you would like a photo or memorial card to be included on our website feel free to post one in an envelope along with your list in either Church. They will be made available for you to collect again when they have been scanned for uploading to the website.
We remember in a special way, all those who have passed away since November 2019...
Mickey Mc Grath 
Annie Flynn  
Lizzie Moohan
Brian Nugent  
Vera Corry  
Lizzie Mc Brearty 
Oliver Carron 
John Mc Laughlin 
Paddy Mc Farland  
Lizzie Burns 
Catherine Monaghan  
John Mc Barron  
Peter Donnelly  
Isabel Foley
Francis Teague  
Seamus Eves  
Bridget Corry 
Seamus Mc Ginn  
Patsy Mulligan  
Edmund Mc Caffrey 
Tristan Mc Carney
We remember all little children who died before, during or after birth...
We pray for all who are buried throughout the Parish of Culmaine...
We remember and pray for all the souls of all our departed loved ones, some of whom we name below as their names were included in the November List boxes in the Parish Churches...
Packie & Mary Nugent
Brian Nugent
Martin Nugent
Marie & Patsy Gormley
James Irvine
Tommy Irvine
Harry Little 
Sadie Little
William Hughes
Cissie & James Monaghan
Mary Monaghan
Deceased members of the Decelis Family
Joe O'Neill
Ginny O'Neill
Michael McAroe
John Moore
Mary & Hugh McCanny
Paddy & Margaret Ann O'Neill
Anastasia & Michael McAroe
Marie & Robert Gilfoyle
James McAroe
Hugh McCanny
Michael McCanny
Barney McCanny
Tess & George Devlin
Ginny Kearney
Gerald Durnin
Gerry Durnin
Francey & Mary Durnian
Patsy Durnian
Rona Wall
Anne Jane & Jack Durnian
Susan Duffy
Connor Maguire
Mary & Francey Gormley
Paddy Monaghan
Elizabeth Monaghan
Mary Rose Monaghan
Frank Monaghan
John Monaghan
Rose Monaghan
Terry Monaghan 
Brian Monaghan
Mrs Monaghan
Dan Gallagher
Ellen Gallagher
Christy Duncan
Paddy McMenamin
John McMenamin
Frank McMenamin
Nelly McMenamin
Ann McMenamin
Josie McMenamin
Rose McMenamin
Neal Walsh
Phil Corry
Mary Ellen Corry
Baby Corry
Frank Boyle
Paddy Corkin
Andy Keown
Hugh Keown
Margaret Keown
John McElhill

Photos/Memorial cards...
If you would like your loved ones remembered here, you can place their memorial card/photo in the remembrance space in St Joseph's Church, message it to 07989323409, Parish Facebook page or email culmaine@gmail.com

Catherine Monaghan RIP

A Prayer of Remembrance 
God, thank you for the special people in our lives whom we are remembering in a special way during the month of November. We thank you for being a compassionate God who walks with us
in the our dark moments of grief and loneliness. We are thankful for all who continue to love and
support us through our grief. Lord, continue to be a light for us, giving us hope, direction and
courage. May we now live our lives treasuring the memories of those special people we have known
and loved and help us to bring light and hope to others. We make this prayer through Christ our
Lord, Amen. 

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