FRIDAY 12th July @ 7.30pm Bannagh 
SUNDAY 14th July @ 12.00noon: Edenclaw
SUNDAY 4th August @ 2.00pm: Montiagh
FRIDAY 5th July @ 7.30pm: Lettercran  
SUNDAY 11th August: 2.15pm: Carn. 3pm: Pettigo.
We welcome all to our annual Blessing of Graves Ceremonies this weekend. We especially welcome families and friends of those who have passed away since we met this time last year. We also welcome those who will travel long journeys to be with their loved ones. 
The popularity of the Blessing of Graves ceremonies continues at a time when there is not only a decline but almost a meltdown of traditional religious practice. One thing that this shows is the importance of family and the importance to remember for most of us. ​​​​​​​
These ceremonies are a reminder of who we belong to. Our parents, families, friends, community and ultimately the people of God. May our participation strengthen our sense of belonging to our loved ones and to a merciful and loving God in whom we are confident that our loved found eternal rest and peace.  

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